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I am a master graduate in human-computer-interaction from the LMU in Munich and currently working as a Product Designer (UX/UI) at SinnerSchrader. I see myself at the intersection of design and technology, prototyping, creating and evaluating new interactions and experiences.


Shape display showing a tangible map

City Touch - A dynamic, interactive, tactile map for people that are blind

City Touch is a prototype of an interactive, tactile and voice enabled map for people that are blind. With its dynamically changeable surface and its integrated voice assistant, it enables to experience an environment with other senses than just sight. The project aims to provide a new way of orientation and navigation and to give the blind more independence from limited, printed 3D maps.
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Bot Tim - your german buddy

This project is a facebook messenger bot to learn german. It targets foreigners living in or moving to germany, who want to be able to handle the most important conversations in their every day life. Tim takes the role of the user's new germany friend, who shows him the german language and culture. Within each lesson Tim introduces the user to a german character, who then has a conversation with the user in german. In case the user is lost or doesn't understand something, Tim is there to help and translate.
Person interacting the bot

We will take you with us - a VR Cardboard movie

The virtual reality video "We will take you with us" is a short movie highlighting the impact of humans on bees. The idea for the story is based on the emerging problem of bee mortality, the focus of this project was on the 3D modeling of the 3D environment and assets as well as developing a suitable storytelling in VR. The movie was a group university project, all assets and scenes were modelled in Blender.

Master thesis: Making existing computer games accessible via eye-tracking [ongoing]

Within my master thesis at the eye-tracking company Tobii I use code injection to replace the traditional input in already existing Unity games with eye-tracking input. The goal is to make these games accessible to people who can’t use traditional controllers. Gaze interactions come with a set of challenges, mainly because the user needs his eyes for both, giving explicit input but also perceiving and exploring. My first step was modding the 3D-adventure game „Leaving Lyndow“, where I mainly focused on designing suitable interactions for navigating in a 3D environment, by only using your eyes. I evaluated my interaction design in a user study and determined preferred sensitivity parameters. Based on the outcome I created design implications for gaze interactions in 3D and improved the interactions.

Startscreen of the game

Magic forest - a multiplayer VR cardboard game

Magic forest is a smartphone based virtual reality game which can be experienced on the google cardboard. In the game, two players, both in the same virtual space but different real spaces, have to work together and the only way for them to communicate is drawing on a wall with their head position. This project was not so much about the game design itself but rather about working with the possible interaction techniques in VR and designing a virtual space that fits the cardboard. A mayor part of the project was also the implementation with Unity and setting up the multiplayer environment.

BMW Group Designsystem

The BMW Group Designsystem provides technical and design components for internal web applications, as well as design and coding guidelines. While working for SinnerSchrader, I was involved in designing the components, building a sketch library as well as creating concepts for the web application. I also supported developing the front end components with HTML and LESS. Since the details of this project are confidential, please contact me for additional information.
Logos BMW Griup

BMW eRetail

BMW eRetail

BMW eRetail enables customers to buy their vehicle online, from making a down-payment to talking to their retailer and scheduling a test drive. I worked on the UX of this product, including creating wireframes, user journeys and prototypes during my time at SinnerSchrader. Since this project is confidential, please contact me for additional information.

iMobility internship at Volkswagen Group of America

During my time as an iMobility intern at the Electronics Research Lab at the Volkswagen Group of America I've worked on mobility ecosystems. Since the content is confidential, please contact me for additional information.
Logos of Volkswagen and Audi

Screen displaying the prototype

Mid-air gesture based authentication - a user study

If a user could invent a gesture instead of a password, what would he do? In this paper we proposed a concept for the authentication via mid-air gestures. Within this university project we conducted a wizard-of-oz user study with the Myo gesture control armband. We told the participants that they would be able to set a gesture instead of a password for four different screen-based prototypes, each representing a different context. These contexts (mobile, desktop, bank account, fitness account) aimed to explore the influence of the device, topic and security-level of an application on the strategies and gestures the participants invented.

Mental models of personalization - a user study

Within this university project, my teammates and I conducted a study in order to gain insights into the participant’s perception and view of personalization processes on the internet. The study consisted of structured interviews and a drawing task with the goal to understand the users' mental model(s), as well as their concerns and perceived benefits. This is an important first step towards designing a more transparent and user-centric personalization. The analysis of the collected data revealed, that personalization in people’s minds is mainly connected with advertisement. Even though personalization is classified as a well-functioning service, it is seen rather negative and people would like to disestablish it, mostly due to privacy concerns.
Outcome of the drawing task of one participant

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